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Educational Coaching?

[Tutors conduct Lessons but Educational Coaching will redefine Education] Coaching is not about "Teaching". It is all about the person who is being Coached. The Students!

  1. Goal ; Setting Specific Goals
  2. Current ; Evaluating Current Status
  3. Option ; Developing Achievable Plans
  4. Determine ; Prioritizing Actions


By Listening intently ;

Rephrasing by Asking "Did you mean (    )?

Paying Attention to Nonverbal Reactions.

By Questioning ;

Asking "How do you feel about (    )?" to help See the Positive Perspective of Current Situation.

Using Goal Oriented Questions.

Giving Open Questions.

By Advising ; 

Focusing on Positive Aspects by Praising.

Suggesting Future Oriented Action Plans.

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